Welcome to SUDSLORE, the home of SUDS : The free text adventure creator for Windows. Both the player and the creator can be downloaded from here. Adventures that have been created by other users can also be downloaded from here. Support and help can be found in the forums.
2008-05-22 The door is unlocked by the keys, so the keys...
There has been an update to SUDS. Each item now includes a list of what its purpose is. So now it is much easier to see how items interact with each other.
2008-01-17 Not at all related to SUDS, but....
I've been taking a sabbatical and have written a Facebook app. Its a multiplayer pool game and can be found at apps.facebook.com/cleopool. Now that I've finished that, I'll get round to improvements that have been suggested in the forums. If you want something included, go and add it to the TO-DO list.
2007-12-24 Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas all and best wishes for the New Year. The SUDS system has had over 1000 downloads in the past 5 months, which is pleasing considering that it is not advertised anywhere. Its a good start. The happy crowd on the forum has come up several good ideas and improvements, so once these are added, I'll send it to the big time.
2007-09-27 Fresh coat of paint
There is a new version of the Creator available on the download page. This has had a complete coat of fresh paint. The old tired Windows 95 interface has been replaced with something a bit more pleasing, and various small suggestions to improve usability have been included.
2007-08-14 Twisty turny tunnels are all mapped out
As things would happen, the original Fortran source code for Colossal Cave have recently been discovered. The link to an excellent article commenting on the original code can be found here. It is pleasing that the SUDS game code mirrors the original perfectly.
2007-08-08 A maze of twisty little passages, all alike
The original Colossal Cave has now been translated for SUDS and is available on the adventures page. This venerable history lesson has been exactly replicated in all its original greenscreen glory, though with the new SUDS user-friendliness.
2007-07-09 SUDS is complete and released
The final fully working version of SUDS has been released. Get it from the download page whilst its still hot. There has also been an update of Spectrum Adventure.
2007-05-01 SUDS beta is released
The SUDS beta of the Player and the Constructor are now available on the download page. Get them while they are hot. Please have a look and work through the constructor tutorial, then report back to the forum any bugs that you find or additions that you would like to see.
2007-03-19 Screenshots are now available
There are some new screenshots added to the about pages. There are still comments needed, but it will give you a clue to the new look and feel of SUDS.
2007-02-06 The SudsLore website is launched
Welcome to the SudsLore website. It still has a bit to be fleshed out, so be patient with it. We still can't decide whether we like the gold on dark blue text scheme yet :)
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